Automatic three-group blood analyzer BC-30S

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· CBC+3-DIFF, 21parameters+3histograms
· Throughput:70 samples per hour
· Intuitive operation systemwith 10.4 inch TFT touch screen
· Open vial sampling
· 500,000 results storage with histograms
· Original QC, calibrators and reagents

The first three-component blood cell analyzer to provide text alarm information

· BC-30s can provide text alarm information similar to the five-classification hematology analyzer, including white blood cell alarm, red blood cell alarm and platelet alarm, which can help doctors make more accurate judgments of diseases.

· The text alarm information gives more clinical prompts to three groups of users. Clicking on the flag area on the screen can bring up the text alarm prompt, which is clearer than the traditional three groups of “R1, Rm, Pm” alarm.

Compact and simple

· BC-30s inherits the classic design of Merry three-group blood cell analyzer. It has compact fuselage, built-in hemolytic agent, and saves operation space.

Fast and easy to use

· The detection speed is fast, reaching 70 samples per hour; using family software platform, friendly interface, with the use of large touch screen, easy and fast operation.

Diverse modes

· At the same time, it supports the whole blood mode and pre-dilution mode. The whole blood mode consumes only 9 ml of blood, which can better meet the detection needs of special groups such as children.

Reliable Performance

· Built-in temperature-controlled reaction system, 10-35 can work normally diluent storage room add temperature control components, so that the diluent before the reaction temperature rise to 30 so as to expand the temperature range, improve the classification effect.

Economical and practical

· Optimized liquid circuit system design, eliminating cleaning solution and EZ solution at the same time, reduces the consumption of reagents in the detection process, helps users effectively reduce the cost of use, better meet the needs of grass-roots hospitals.

Testing items: 21 reporting parameters

Detection speed: 70 samples per hour

Detection mode: whole blood mode, pre-dilution mode.

Detection Principle: Electrical impedance counting, cyanide-free detection of HGB

Result Storage: The host automatically stores the complete information of a large number of historical samples.

Display type: large screen color LCD touch screen, display all parameters and three histograms on the same screen

Report Printing: High Efficiency Thermosensitive Printer, Optional External Printer, Various Report Formats in Chinese and English

Data management: Data management software for blood cell analyzer can be selected.

Data interface: 4 USB interfaces, which can be used to connect external printer, external bar code scanner, WIFI adapter, mouse and keyboard, and can be used to upgrade host software.

Matching reagents: Provide matching reagents, calibration products and quality control products produced by the original manufacturer to ensure the reliability of the detection system.

Working environment: wider temperature range, suitable for different customers

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