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With the advent of Olympus CV-190, previously unrecognizable lesions can also be clearly demonstrated. It is compatible with the current HDTV function of high definition video. The advantages of optical digital technology of Olympus are fully utilized, and two special optical inspection modes (NBI and AFI) are developed to improve the diagnostic effect and efficiency of endoscopy.

The main features of Olympus CV-190 are as follows:

1. NBI (narrowband imaging) is used in Olympus CV-190 series video processing devices, which can provide twice the visual distance of EVIS EXERA II 180 series image processing devices and provide greater contrast between blood vessels and mucosa.

2. Olympus CV-190 contains electronic devices for operating dual-focus, providing excellent visual field at close and long distances by connecting to an endoscope.

3. The newly designed waterproof one-button connector can realize one-step connection with light source without providing separate cables for video processors.

4. New and improved image processing provides complex image quality through enhanced color reproduction, minimal image noise and reduced halo.

5. The pre-freezing function automatically chooses the clearest still image to save time.

6, 16:9 And 16:10 HDTV monitor output is available. Compatible with analog HD-SDI and DVI output.

7. Connecting to peripheral equipment avoids complicated cable connection and speeds up transmission speed.

8. OLYMPUS system enhances the scalability of the network.

9. Picture-in-Picture and Index Functions Improve Your Observing Ability Effectively

10. Compatible with portable memory. This is data management.

The EVIS EXERA III Video System Center CV-190 enables easy access to the range of advanced diagnostic features incorporated into EVIS EXERA III endoscopes.

The EVIS EXERA III Video System Center CV-190 offers simple access to a whole range of advanced diagnostic features incorporated into EVIS EXERA III endoscopes. A range of improvements assist in obtaining endoscopic images with maximum diagnostic yield whilst advanced Picture-in-Picture functions improve ergonomics in the endoscopy room.

Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis

OLYMPUS is proud to introduce Dual Focus – a unique optical imaging technology enabling detailed examination of mucosal changes at the touch of a button when connecting HQ190 endoscopes.

Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging

Narrow Band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. Previously widely accepted as a tool for characterisation, the improved brightness may open new possibilities for lesion detection.

Outstanding, true-to-life image quality

EVIS EXERA III offers true-to-life HD endoscopic images of breath-taking clarity, delivering the optimum support for accurate diagnosis.

Improved ergonomics

The all-new one-touch connector of EVIS EXERA III endoscopes allows for one-step connection to the light source and removes the need for a video cable connection to the video processor.

Dual Focus

Dual Focus, a unique OLYMPUS innovation based upon an innovative two-stage optical system enables the user to switch between two focus settings. With the simple push of a button, the desired observation mode can be selected: “near mode” featuring ground-breaking resolving power for close mucosal observation or “normal mode” for normal observation. Even in “normal mode”, EVIS EXERA III endoscopes feature an advanced level of resolving power compared to previous generations.

Brighter and higher contrast Narrow Band Imaging

NBI in EVIS EXERA III offers a significantly increased viewable distance compared to previous generations. The improved contrast combined with this increased brightness means that NBI opens new possibilities in assisting you in lesion detection and characterisation.


An exciting new feature, pre-freeze automatically selects the sharpest image when the image is frozen by the user.

Improved image processing

New and improved image processing delivers outstanding image quality thanks to reduced noise, reduced halation and improved colour contrast. The result: the optimum in image quality

Waterproof One-touch Connector

The new one-touch Connector enables a one-step connection to the light source and does not require a separate video cable for connection to the video processor. This saves time during procedure setup and dismantling.

Variety of signal output options

A whole range of signal output options are available dependent upon the monitor attached to the CV-190, enabling you to achieve the optimum image for the installed infrastructure. 16:9 and 16:10 format is available for HD monitors.

Power supply Voltage (Voltage fluctuation) 220-240V AC (Within ±10%)
Frequency (Frequency fluctuation) 50/60 Hz (Within ±1%)
Current consumption 150 VA
Size Dimensions 370 (W) X 85 (H) X 455 (D) mm; 382 (W) X 91(H) X 489 (D) mm (maximum)
Weight 10.7 kg
Classification (medical electrical equipment) Type of protection against electric shock Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock of applied part Depends on applied part. See also applied par (camera head or videoscope).
Degree of protection against explosion The video system center should be kept away from flammable gases.


With the EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source CLV-190, pre-procedure setup has never been easier thanks to a new One-touch Connector for EVIS EXERA III endoscopes.

The EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source CLV-190 boasts a range of new features designed to improve ergonomics within the endoscopy room. A new waterproof One-touch Connector enables fast and efficient setup without the need for additional cables. A new cooling fan design also helps to reduce background noise levels.

Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) delivers high contrast images of vessel structures, meaning the range of applications for NBI within EVIS EXERA III is increased.

Power supply Voltage 100~240V AC
Voltage fluctuation Within ±10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency fluctuation Within ± 3 Hz
Consumption electric power 600 VA
Size Dimensions 370 (W) x 150 (H) x 476 (D) mm (standard)
390 (W) x 162 (H) x 551 (D) mm (maximum)
Weight 19 kg
Examination lamp Xenon short-arc lamp (ozone-free) 300 W
Average lamp life Approximately 500 hours of continous use With intermittent use, the lamp life may vary slightly.)

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